What is the Forgiveness Day?

The International Forgiveness Day or Forgiveness Day, 23 July, is a day where you remember and are reminded to forgive and love each other. It’s an encourangement for peace, tranquility, healing and love. More forgiveness, healing, less conflict and war.

Every year, a committee elects a handful of people to be awarded the Forgiveness Prize. This prize is awared to those who have done honorable and forgiving deeds to others. The Forgiveness Committee consists of 9 people and chooses among nominees.

Who started Forgiveness Committee Forgiveness Prizes and Forgiveness Day?

Forgiveness Committee www.forgivenessday.info was created by Kavian Ferdowsi.
Forgiveness Day is 23 July.

What is the Forgiveness Week?

The Forgiveness Week are the seven days after the Forgiveness Day.
The Forgiveness Week starts sunday 23 July, on the Forgiveness Day, and ends on saturday 29 July. During this week the Forgiveness Committee awards the Forgiveness Prizes to the laureates.

The Forgiveness Week is week 30


What is the Forgiveness Committee?
What is the Forgiveness Prize?

The goal of the Forgiveness Committee is to spread the message of forgiveness, peace and to broker peace between groups, people, nations – to save the homeless, the poor, both locally and globally. The committee consists of three permanent members and six persons that are elected yearly; a total of nine members.


Every year at 23 july is the Forgiveness Day when the Committee will award the Forgiveness Prize. Some day during the Forgiveness Week, a pressconference will be held where the Forgiveness Committee presents and awards the yearly Forgiveness Prize to 5 people in 5 categories: Environment & Climate, Animals & Nature, Peace, Homelessness and Forgiveness. The one who get the first prize will also be presented to the Nobel Committee.


All the prize categories are related and share the same common theme and soul.

Is Forgiveness Day at 23 July the international day for forgiveness?